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Wake Up – The Story Behind the Song | Penny Rae

Wake Up – The Story Behind the Song

“Wake Up” was the first song we wrote as a band.  It actually started as a song Andrew and some friends were writing for a solo record of his, but it started to take on a life of its own when Randi and Andrew teamed up to finish the song.  After writing this song, Randi and Andrew decided to record it and see what would come of it, which led to the creation of Penny Rae and the release of a single last November.

Lyrically, this song deals with just the idea of being torn.  According to Randi, “I feel everyone can relate to being torn with something in life… whether it’s relationships, or choosing a career, etc.”  Fortunately, being torn while making a decision doesn’t always have to lead to making a change.  While Penny Rae may write about breaking up a lot, the couple in “Wake Up” ultimately decides to stay together.  We’ve been told by a couple of different people that this song has helped them deal with the loss of a loved one, which has led us to the conclusion that it’s not totally up to us how people interpret our music.  We’ll always be open to the idea that our music can be used to comfort people through difficult times in life, even when it wasn’t what we were thinking of when writing the song.

On the production end of the song, the single version released in November was simple – light drums, piano, and acoustic with Randi and Andrew’s vocals up front.  We decided to re-cut most of the song to keep it consistent with the rest of the EP, but during the mixing process our producer, Andy Walker, “felt like something was missing, so i layered the drums from the single back in.  There are actually 3 drum parts being played the whole song!”

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  1. Robert Green May 28, 2013 at 2:55 pm #

    Great !!!

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