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Closure – The Story Behind the Song | Penny Rae

Closure – The Story Behind the Song

As we started deciding exactly which songs to include on the record, our friend Hope Cassity presented this song to us. “Closure” seemed like a perfect fit for us from the time we first heard it, and it has since become our first single off of the EP. The official music video is set for release very soon (keep your eyes open for the exact date), and we’ve been very happy to hear the response from people when we play it.

Hope Penny Rae

Hope Cassity… writing hit songs on the beach…

From Hope: “Closure was one of those songs that seem to happen ‘to me’ rather than through me. I had been stuck with writers block for a few weeks so i had revisited some poetry that I had written at least 5 years ago in an old worn out leather journal of mine. After browsing a few poems including one titled “CLOSURE” -I sat down and started picking out the guitar part…the melody came immediately and i knew by the first chorus that the poem was meant to be a song from the start. Many of the lines fit the music/ phrasing /melody without a single change…..
“come a little closer…give me a little closure…by coming in my world again” was taken directly word for word from the poem in addition to the entire second verse…

I love singing it out but when I heard Penny Rae’s version I knew it had found it’s home :)”

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