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Blog | Penny Rae

Nashville – Nov 12th

We’re playing at the Night Owl at 8 pm on Nov 12th. It’s a $5 cover and a 21+ show.

For more info, check the Facebook event at:

Murfreesboro. May 22nd. Be there!

Seriously. Be there. The band will be ridiculous. We’re playing a rare full-band show WITH HORNS and throwing in some funk covers for good measure. Lots of special guests throughout the show, too!

Tickets are still available and are only $10 at this link.

May 22nd. 7:00 show. Doors at 6:00.

Please HELP make our next record!

Since the release of our EP last May and the overwhelming response to the single, “Closure,” we’ve continued to write new material.  With a lot of new material in-hand we feel like we now have a collection of songs worthy of a full-length record full of all-new material.  We’ve demoed the songs, secured the location and musicians, and lined up everything necessary to make this record happen.  We’ll be heading into the studio at the end of May while this Kickstarter is still running!

We’re doing this record independently, which means we get no label support (read – money!).  There’s a lot of freedom that comes from making an independent record, but obviously coming up with the money to make it happen is not easy.  We’ve saved our pennies, negotiated the best deals we can with our producer, additional musicians, and everyone else involved in making the record happen.  After all of the money-saving techniques we can muster and realizing that selling our body organs to raise the remainder is not a viable option, we’re about $7000 short of making the record that we feel is worthy of hitting your ears.

That’s where you come in!  You are our record label!  With any pledge to our Kickstarter campaign – from pre-ordering the record all the way up to being the Executive Producer of the record – we’re going to give you exclusive behind-the-scenes studio footage and material via Kickstarter.  Plus you’ll get some really cool rewards.  Just check out the list on the Kickstarter page to see which reward you would like and pledge to make this record AWESOME!

Get the EP for only $5.99!

Our EP is now available on iTunes!

It’s only $5.99. Let us know what you think!

If you’d like a physical copy of the CD or a tshirt, check out our Bandcamp page!

Closure Video!

Our video for “Closure” is here!  Let us know what you think, and feel free to share on Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else you share the things you like!


Paradise – The Story Behind the Song

paradise If you’ve ever wanted a reboot on life, this song is for you. There are times in life when you need to make a change – a job, a relationship, your entire circle of friends… Sometimes it feels like the easiest way to make that change is just to leave everything behind.

From start to finish, this was probably the quickest song-writing session for the whole record. From concept to completed song only took about 1/2 hour, with lyrics and music flowing fairly quickly.

On the production end, this is Andrew’s favorite song on the record. “I love the simplicity of it. We avoided the temptation to over-produce ‘Paradise’ and instead just let the song have some space. It was really tempting to have piano throughout the song, but I think the way we left it only in the bridge with a single-note melody line helped to add a small, subtle layer as the song developed. It was cool to leave the acoustic driving the song throughout and to have the violins and cello supplement what was already going on with the acoustic and vocals.”

The simplicity of the production lends to the subject of the song as the subjects of the song work through the idea of leaving all of the distractions around them behind and focusing on their relationship without external forces influencing them. We never really specified where “Paradise” was, leaving it up to the listener. If you could reboot your life, where would your “Paradise” be?

Feel Like Coming Home – The Story Behind the Song

Forgiveness is hard.  There’s no way around it.  RhodesWhile sometimes in a relationship there comes a time where you have to choose to forgive the other person (and sometimes that decision is difficult and requires some time to think it through), ultimately we have to do our best to forget once we’ve decided to forgive.  It’s tough.  But it’s the only way to move forward…

Forgetting every fault eases my way.
Forgiving all those sins inside those graves

On the production end – there really wasn’t a plan to have Rhodes piano on the song.  But see that pretty Rhodes 73 in the photo?  Once we saw that in the studio we knew it had to make it’s way onto SOMETHING on the record.  As we worked on this song and the groove started to define itself, the Rhodes became the obvious choice for keys.

About this song, Andrew says, “One of my favorite parts of this record is when the band kicks in on ‘Feel Like Coming Home.’  The feel of acoustic and keys before the groove kicks in was really what we had in mind for the whole song, until Daniel [Hadaway] kicked in during pre-production.  That’s when we knew we were onto something.”

Closure – The Story Behind the Song

As we started deciding exactly which songs to include on the record, our friend Hope Cassity presented this song to us. “Closure” seemed like a perfect fit for us from the time we first heard it, and it has since become our first single off of the EP. The official music video is set for release very soon (keep your eyes open for the exact date), and we’ve been very happy to hear the response from people when we play it.

Hope Penny Rae

Hope Cassity… writing hit songs on the beach…

From Hope: “Closure was one of those songs that seem to happen ‘to me’ rather than through me. I had been stuck with writers block for a few weeks so i had revisited some poetry that I had written at least 5 years ago in an old worn out leather journal of mine. After browsing a few poems including one titled “CLOSURE” -I sat down and started picking out the guitar part…the melody came immediately and i knew by the first chorus that the poem was meant to be a song from the start. Many of the lines fit the music/ phrasing /melody without a single change…..
“come a little closer…give me a little closure…by coming in my world again” was taken directly word for word from the poem in addition to the entire second verse…

I love singing it out but when I heard Penny Rae’s version I knew it had found it’s home :)”

Wake Up – The Story Behind the Song

“Wake Up” was the first song we wrote as a band.  It actually started as a song Andrew and some friends were writing for a solo record of his, but it started to take on a life of its own when Randi and Andrew teamed up to finish the song.  After writing this song, Randi and Andrew decided to record it and see what would come of it, which led to the creation of Penny Rae and the release of a single last November.

Lyrically, this song deals with just the idea of being torn.  According to Randi, “I feel everyone can relate to being torn with something in life… whether it’s relationships, or choosing a career, etc.”  Fortunately, being torn while making a decision doesn’t always have to lead to making a change.  While Penny Rae may write about breaking up a lot, the couple in “Wake Up” ultimately decides to stay together.  We’ve been told by a couple of different people that this song has helped them deal with the loss of a loved one, which has led us to the conclusion that it’s not totally up to us how people interpret our music.  We’ll always be open to the idea that our music can be used to comfort people through difficult times in life, even when it wasn’t what we were thinking of when writing the song.

On the production end of the song, the single version released in November was simple – light drums, piano, and acoustic with Randi and Andrew’s vocals up front.  We decided to re-cut most of the song to keep it consistent with the rest of the EP, but during the mixing process our producer, Andy Walker, “felt like something was missing, so i layered the drums from the single back in.  There are actually 3 drum parts being played the whole song!”

The EP is out, the UK hearts us more than the US, and other bullets…

We’re going to do our best to keep the blog current… so here’s where we start!


  • First of all – THE EP RELEASED LAST TUESDAY!!!  If you haven’t had a chance to check it out… do it!  In the US it’s only $5.99 on iTunes!  In other parts of the world, just search for Penny Rae in iTunes.  If you have any difficulty finding it, just shoot us an email at info@pennyraemusic.com for a link.
  • We’ve been very excited about the response to the EP!  Statistics are still coming in on first week sales, but one of the interesting trends to us has been that we’re selling almost as much in the UK as we are in the US… So who wants to help us book our first UK gig to play these songs live?
  • It was really cool to see ourselves listed right next to the Civil Wars and Ed Sheeran on iTunes in the “Albums under $8″ section…SheeranCivilPenny
  • On the booking front… We are seriously interested in playing house shows this summer.  Bring us in for a picnic in your backyard or a living room show!  If you are interested at all, shoot us an email at booking@pennyraemusic.com.  We’ll make the details on our end work with what you’re looking to do and would love to come hang out!
  • Here on the blog we’ll be posting thoughts about each song from the EP this week, starting tomorrow…
  • We haven’t set the release date yet, but our official music video of “Closure” is complete and will be releasing within the next few weeks… keep an eye out for the official release date!
  • Have an idea for the blog?  Is there a subject you want to hear our thoughts on?  Shoot us an email at info@pennyraemusic.com with your ideas.
  • This will be a busy week for us.  We’re singing the national anthem for about 500 kids and 250 volunteers at Mega Sports Camp in Murfreesboro, TN Wednesday night.  Then on Saturday we’ll fly out to Colorado to play at Rudy’s Country Store and BBQ in Colorado Springs Saturday night, followed by Gathering Stones in Falcon on Sunday!
  • With the Colorado trip coming next weekend, be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  There will surely be some beautiful photos of the mountains!
  • Thank you guys so much for your support and your interest in what we’re doing!  We hope to keep the music coming to you as we move forward!
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